King Piles


The HZ®-M walls are combined systems incorporating: 

  • HZ®-M king piles as structural supports,
  • AZ® sheet piles as intermediate infill elements.

Systemwise  assembly of these basic elements yelds a multitude of possible combinations.
All combinations are based on the same principle: structural supports comprising one or more HZ®-M king pile sections alternating with intermediate double AZ® sheet pile sections.


Structurally, the HZ®-M king piles fulfil 2 different functions:

  • as retaining members, they resist horizontal loads resulting from earth and hydrostatic pressures,
  • as bearing piles, they resist vertical superimposed loads.

The intermediate sheet piles have only an earth-retaining and load transfer function and they may be shorter than the king piles.




Sections Dimensions Suitable connector
h h1 w tmax s r
in in in in in in
HZ 680M LT23,4022,3017,561,140,470,79RZDU 16RH 16
HZ 880M A32,7331,6318,031,140,510,79RZDU 16RH 16
HZ 880M B32,7331,7918,111,140,590,79RZDU 16RH 16
HZ 880M C32,7331,9518,111,140,590,79RZDU 16RH 16
HZ 1080M A42,3341,2417,871,140,631,38RZDU 16RH 16
HZ 1080M B42,3341,4717,871,140,631,38RZDU 16RH 16
HZ 1080M C42,3341,7117,951,140,711,38RZDU 16RH 16
HZ 1080M D42,3342,0217,991,140,751,38RZDU 16RH 16
HZ 1180M A42,34-18,031,140,791,38RZDU 16RH 16
HZ 1180M B42,50-18,031,220,791,38RZDU 16RH 16
HZ 1180M C42,65-18,071,300,831,38RZDU 18RH 20
HZ 1180M D42,81-18,111,380,871,38RZDU 18RH 20
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