PAZ Sections



Section e b h Gsp Gw Wel,y Iy A Asp Adp
in in in lb/ft lb/ft2 in3 in4 in2 ft2/ft ft2/ft
PAZ 44500,19728,5410,5925,3310,6511,460,33,132,995,81
PAZ 44600,23628,5410,6330,3212,7513,672,43,752,995,81
PAZ 44700,27628,541,6735,2114,8015,784,54,352,995,81
PAZ 54600,23631,7713,8236,2213,6818,0124,44,023,416,73
PAZ 54700,27631,7713,8642,0915,9020,9144,84,673,416,73
PAZ 54800,31531,7713,9047,9618,1123,8165,15,323,416,73
PAZ 55600,23629,2516,0236,2214,8622,9183,64,373,416,73
PAZ 55700,27629,2516,0642,0817,2626,6213,75,073,416,73
PAZ 55800,31529,2916,1047,9819,6630,3243,65,783,416,73
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Gsp Mass per single pile
Gw Mass per wall
Wel,y Elastic section modulus
Iy Moment of inertia about the main neutral axis y-y
A Cross sectional steel area
Asp Coating area per single pile
Adp Coating area per double pile