Z Section


Among the essential characteristics of Z-shaped sheet piles are the continuous form of the web and the specific location of the interlock symmetrically on both sides of the neutral axis. These two attributes have a positive influence on the section modulus. The AZ® series combines a section with extraordinary characteristics with the quality-proven Larssen interlock. Z-shaped sheet piles present the following advantages:



  • extremely competitive section modulus/mass relation
  • increased inertia and thus reduced deflection allowing the choice of high yield strength steel grades for the most economical solution
  • large width resulting in high installation performance



The new AZ series are available for shipment since

•  AZ 25-800 & AZ 30-750: 4th quarter of 2015

•  AZ 20-800 & AZ 50-700: 1st semester of 2016

Please contact us for more detailed information


New AZ®-800 Category

Section Dimensions A Gsp Gw Iy Wel,y
b h t s
in in in in in2/ft lb/ft lb/ft2 in4/ft in3/ft
AZ 18-80031,5017,680,3350,3356,0754,2620,67302,634,2
AZ 20-80031,5017,720,3750,3756,6659,5022,67329,937,2
AZ 22-80031,5017,760,4130,4137,2564,7724,68357,340,3
AZ 23-80031,5018,660,4530,3547,1263,5624,22404,643,3
AZ 25-80031,5018,700,4920,3947,7168,9126,26435,146,5
AZ 27-80031,5018,740,5310,4338,3174,2628,29465,649,7

New AZ®-750 Category

Section Dimensions A Gsp Gw Iy Wel,y
b h t s
in in in in in2/ft lb/ft lb/ft2 in4/ft in3/ft
AZ 28-75029,5320,040,4720,3948,0967,7327,53523,952,3
AZ 30-75029,5320,080,5120,4338,7373,0829,70561,555,9
AZ 32-75029,5320,120,5510,4729,3778,4431,88599,059,5

AZ®-700 and AZ®-770 Category

Production of following sections stopped:
- AZ 36-700, AZ 38-700, AZ 40-700.
- AZ 37-700, AZ 39-700, AZ 41-700 (2011)

- AZ 24-700N, AZ 26-700N, AZ 28-700N (2016)

Please contact us if you require further information about these old sections.

Section Dimensions A Gsp Gw Iy Wel,y
b h t s
in in in in in2/ft lb/ft lb/ft2 in4/ft in3/ft
AZ 12-77030,3213,520,3350,3355,6748,7819,31156,923,2
AZ 13-77030,3213,540,3540,3545,9451,1420,24163,724,2
AZ 14-77030,3213,560,3750,3756,2153,4221,14170,625,2
AZ 14-770-10/1030,3213,580,3940,3946,4855,7122,06177,526,1
AZ 12-7007,5612,360,3350,3355,8245,4919,81138,322,4
AZ 13-70027,5612,400,3750,3756,3649,7221,65150,424,3
AZ 13-700-10/1027,5612,420,3940,3946,6351,8522,58156,525,2
AZ 14-70027,5612,440,4130,4136,9053,9623,50165,526,1
AZ 17-70027,5616,520,3350,3356,2849,1221,38265,332,2
AZ 18-70027,5616,540,3540,3546,5851,4122,39276,833,5
AZ 19-70027,5616,560,3750,3756,8853,7623,35288,434,8
AZ 20-70027,5616,580,3940,3947,1856,1124,43300,036,2
AZ 24-70027,5618,070,4410,4418,2364,3028,00408,845,2
AZ 26-70027,5618,110,4800,4808,8469,1230,10437,348,4
AZ 28-70027,5618,150,5200,5209,4673,9332,19465,951,3
AZ 36-700N27,5619,650,5910,44110,2079,7034,72656,266,8
AZ 38-700N27,5619,690,6300,48010,8784,9436,99694,570,6
AZ 40-700N27,5619,720,6690,52011,5390,1839,26732,974,3
AZ 42-700N27,5619,650,7090,55112,2295,5141,59768,478,2
AZ 44-700N27,5619,690,7480,59112,89100,7443,87806,681,9
AZ 46-700N27,5619,720,7870,63013,56105,9746,14844,985,7
AZ 48-700 New27,5619,800,8660,59113,63106,4946,37876,288,4
AZ 50-700 New27,5619,840,9060,63014,30111,7348,65914,692,2
AZ 52-700 New27,5619,880,9450,66914,97116,9750,93953,095,9

AZ® category

Production of following sections stopped:
- AZ 34, AZ 36, AZ 38
- AZ 12, AZ 13, AZ 13-10/10, AZ 14 (2012)

 Please contact us if you require information about these sections.

Section Dimensions A Gsp Gw Iy Wel,y
b h t s
in in in in in2/ft lb/ft lb/ft2 in4/ft in3/ft
AZ 181)24,8014,960,3750,3757,1149,9924,19250,433,5
AZ 18 10/1024,8014,980,3940,3947,4352,2825,27260,334,8
AZ 261)24,8016,810,5120,4809,3565,7231,79406,548,4
AZ 4622,8318,940,7090,55113,7689,1046,82808,885,5
AZ 4822,8318,980,7480,59114,4893,8149,28847,189,3
AZ 5022,8319,020,7870,63015,2298,5851,80886,593,3
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A Cross sectional steel area
Gsp Mass per single pile
Gw Mass per m/ft of wall
Iy Moment of inertia about the main neutral axis y-y
Wel,y Elastic section modulus
 1) AZ sections can be rolled-up or down by 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm on request