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Bridge piers for airplane ’taxiway’ - bridge at the airport Leipzig – Halle (Germany) rely on hot rolled and cold formed steel sheet piles


The project extension of the airport Leipzig – Halle has already started and is on track.

The ‘North’ runway is being extended to the east, and ten years after the construction of the two ’taxiway’ - bridges, the third one is now being executed.
It will be finished in 2009 and will reduce drastically the taxiway between the ‘North’ and ‘South’ runways.


Fig. 1 Halle - Leipzig airport aerial view Fig. 2 Cold formed sheet pile
PAL 3260 for pier on axis 20


This 191 m long and 63 m wide bridge spans over the highway BAB A 14, the ICE high speed train tracks and a local route.
The construction of the nine bridge piers between the ICE train tracks and the highway started in October 2008. Vertical loads of up to 7500 kN will be transmitted to the concrete foundations, which will be executed within rectangular temporary or permanent excavation pit.
Fig. 3 Excavation pit pier axis 20

Cofferdams for pillars 10, 30, 50 and 90 use hot rolled sheet piles GU 7-600 as retaining elements, while axes 20, 30, 40 and 60 – 80 will be founded within a permanent retaining wall built with PAL3260 cold formed sheet piles.

The sheet piles have been driven with an excavator mounted vibratory hammer into a sandy soil.
Fig. 4 Cofferdam on pier axis 20 using PAL 3260
 Project owner
 Flughafen Leipzig / Halle GmbH, Leipzig
 Driving company
 PST Grundbau Berlin GmbH
 Steel sheet piles
 GU 7-600, S 240 GP / S 355 GP; 6.60 - 8.00 m; 166 t
 PAL 3260, S 235 JRC; 4.80 - 5.70 m; 198 t
 Quantity  364 t