Inland Harbours

Inland harbours are built on rivers and canals, at the mouth or in an estuary of a river. Quay walls in harbours shall be protected from waves and other actions that could affect adversely mooring and berthing of vessels.

The main difference compared to maritime harbours is that the vessels in inland waterways have generally speaking lower drafts, so that the quay wall heights are relatively small compared to deep sea quay walls.

The design of inland harbour structures is quite similar to the ones in maritime harbours. However, in some cases, quay walls in rivers and canals are simply built along the river, so that actions like erosion due to sand flow may have to be taken into account in the design.

In other cases, vessels berth to dolphins, which may be quite simple steel structures. This is a good solution for temporary loading / unloading facilities along a river / canal.
Last modified: March 27, 2018