ArcelorMittalEnGU 28N & GU 32N. New sheet pile sections from Dabrowa

GU 28N & GU 32N. New sheet pile sections from Dabrowa

The rolling mill in Dabrowa-Gornicza (Poland) has been regularly upgrading his sheet pile’s portfolio. The mill’s area of expertise is 600 mm wide U-type sections.

The brand new section available for shipment is the GU 28N. All the steel grades from EN 10248 can be supplied, from S 240 GP up to S 430 GP, and even the internal specification S 460 AP.

Similarly to the GU 18N and GU 22N, the thickness of the flange combined with the “reinforced shoulders” makes this new GU 28N an excellent section for reuse and for driving into very hard soils.
The GU 28N can also be rolled-up and rolled-down by 1.0 mm: the GU 30N and GU 27N.

Crimping properties, maximum rolling lengths and delivery conditions are the same as for the rest of the sheet pile sections from Dabrowa.

The next challenge that will be tackled is the GU 32N that will be available shortly.
h height
t thickness of flange
s thickness of web
G mass per m2 of wall
Iy moment of inertia
Wel elastic section modulus


Characteristics of the GU 28N range
·              600 mm wide

·              proven ArcelorMittal Larssen interlock
·              'reinforced shoulders’, excellent feature for hard driving conditions and reuse

·              steel grades from S 240 GP to S 460 AP (acc. to EN 10248 and internal specification)

·              maximum rolling length of 28.0 m (in 2014)

·              maximum crimping of interlocks: resistance of 75 kN/crimp or more

·              frequent rollings scheduled to ensure short term deliveries
New GU 28N steel sheet pile section.
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Date publish: April 24, 2014