PAL Sections

Omega sections are quite well suited for the execution of continuous walls that have a limited height.

Their shape has been optimized in order to achieve an excellent ratio section modulus / mass, with section modulus up to 1 100 cm3/m, and thicknesses from 3.0 up to 8.0 mm.

Omega sections are assigned to a special category because they are neither Z-piles, nor U-piles. They have a continuous web so that shear stresses can be transmitted through the webs.

Installation can be quite fast due to the width of up to 921 mm of a single pile.

Omega sections can be delivered in two different forms, with handling holes.

Note that Omega sections can only be threaded with specific series of cold formed sections (different interlock shapes).

The PAL 27 series is well suited for re-use.
Last modified: November 29, 2018
Metric units Imperial units


PAL 3030
PAL 3040
PAL 3050
PAL 3130
PAL 3140
PAL 3150
PAL 3260
PAL 3270
PAL 3280
PAL 3290
PAU 2240
PAU 2250
PAU 2260
PAU 2440
PAU 2450
PAU 2460
PAU 2770
PAU 2780
Section e b h Gsp Gw Wel,y Iy A Asp
mm mm mm kg/m kg/m2 cm3/m cm4/m cm2/m m2/m
PAL 30303.066089.019.429.411250037.50.80
PAL 30404.066090.025.839.214766649.90.80
PAL 30505.066091.032.248.818183162.20.80
PAL 31303.0711125.023.533.11991 24442.20.97
PAL 31404.0711126.031.344.02611 65556.10.97
PAL 31505.0711127.039.054.93222 06370.00.97
PAL 32606.0700149.046.266.04133 09684.10.92
PAL 32707.0700150.053.276.04793 60496.80.92
PAL 32808.0700151.061.688.05454 109112.10.92
PAL 32909.0700152.070.0100.06054 611127.40.92
PAU 22404.0922251.539.042.34045 10153.91.22
PAU 22505.0921252.548.752.85046 36367.31.22
PAU 22606.0921253.558.363.36007 62080.71.22
PAU 24404.0813293.039.048.05377 89761.11.22
PAU 24505.0813294.048.759.96699 85876.31.22
PAU 24606.0813295.058.371.880111 81391.41.22
PAU 27707.0804296.070.487.593414 030111.41.16
PAU 27808.0804297.080.399.81 06315 995127.11.16

b Width of a single pile
h Height
t Thickness of flange
s Thickness of web
A Cross sectional steel area per m of wall
Gsp Mass per m of single pile
Gw Mass per m of wall
Iy Moment of inertia about the main neutral axis y-y
Wel,y Elastic section modulus per m of wall
Sy Static moment
Wpl,y Plastic section modulus per m of wall