RWI Pumphouse | Canada
Temporary cofferdam | 2010

RWI Pumphouse | Canada
Temporary cofferdam | 2010

AS 500

AS 500® straight web sheet piles are designed to form cylindrical structures, generally closed, retaining a soil backfill.

The stability of constructions built up like that, a steel envelope and an internal soil massive, is guaranteed by their own weight.

Straight web sheet piles are mostly used on projects where rock layers are quite shallow (close to excavationlevel), where the excavation depth is very important or where anchoring would be difficult or even impossible. Straight web sheet pile structures are realised as circular cells or diaphragm walls depending on the site characteristics or the particular requirements of the project.

The forces developing in these sheet pile sections are essentially horizontal tensile forces requiring an interlock strength corresponding to the horizontal force in the web of the pile. AS 500 interlocks comply with EN 10248, with interlock resistances Rk,s up to 6000 kN/m. Note that both the resistance of the interlock and of the web need to be guaranteed. The safety factors applied to the web reistance and the interlock resistance can be different.

See below links to two additional pages with more details on installation and cell geometries.

Please refer to our brochure “AS 500® Straight web steel sheet pile – design & execution manual” for further details.

Note: all the straight web sections interlock with each other.
Last modified: December 16, 2018
Metric units Imperial units

AS 500

AS 500 – 9.5
AS 500 – 11.0
AS 500 – 12.0
AS 500 – 12.5
AS 500 – 12.7
AS 500 – 13.04)
Section b t δ P A Gsp G Iy Wel AL
(single pile) (single pile)
mm mm ° cm cm2 kg/m kg/m2 cm4 cm3 m2/m
AS 500 – 9.55009.54.513881.363.8128168460.58
AS 500 – 11.050011.04.513989.470.2140186490.58
AS 500 – 12.050012.04.513994.674.3149196510.58
AS 500 – 12.550012.54.513997.276.3153201510.58
AS 500 – 12.750012.74.513998.277.1154204510.58
AS 500 – 13.04)50013.04.5140100.679.0158213540.58

b Nominal width. The effective width to be taken into account for design purposes (layout) is 503 mm
t Web thickness
δ Deviation angle. Max. deviation angle 4.0° for pile length > 20 m
P Perimeter
A Steel section
Gsp Mass of a single pile
G Mass per m2 of wall
Iy Moment of inertia
Wel Elastic section modulus
AL Coating area. One side, excluding inside of interlocks
1) Please contact ArcelorMittal Sheet Piling for further information

AS 500 Installation

Installation of AS 500 straight web sheet piles requires a specific procedure and templates.

AS 500 Cell geometries

The optimized geometry of circular cells is quite complex to determine. Below are basic geometries [...]
AS 500 - Design & Installation manual