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Soil decontamination

Steel sheet piles are extremely valued for soil decontamination projects. They can be installed as an impervious wall preventing the migration of pollutants in the soil during works.

Steel sheet piles provide substantive and substantial assistance in the decontamination procedures:

  • the area to be decontaminated is surrounded with an impervious sheet pile wall,
  • the contaminated soil is excavated till the non-contaminated layer is reached,
  • the contaminated soil is transferred to a plant for treatment, or is treated on site,
  • after treatment, the soil returns to the site,
  • the sheet pile wall can be removed and re-used.
The whole area can be treated in a single phase, or can be divided into cells that will be treated one after the other. The same steel sheet piles can thus be reused several times on the same site.

Once the last steel sheet piles have been removed no waste remains on site.
Latest update: August 22, 2017
Last modified: March 27, 2018