Pilot project | Port of Shoreham | UK
Pilot project | Port of Shoreham | UK

AMLoCor® - steel grade for maritime structures

AMLoCor is ArcelorMittal’s "low corrosion" steel grade which revolutionizes the design of port structures.

The key advantage of AMLoCor is a significant reduction of the corrosion rates in the "Low Water Zone" (LWZ) and in the "Permanent Immersion Zone" (PIZ), which is normally the location of the maximum bending moments, and consequently the location of the highest steel stresses.

AMLoCor is the solution to address the major concern of designers and port authorities: durability of marine structures such as quay walls, breakwaters and jetties.

Eurocode 3 ‑ Part 5 (EC 3‑5) contains reference tables with typical corrosion rates valid for standard carbon steel in northern European countries. In-situ tests that lasted more than 15 years proved that the loss of steel thickness of AMLoCor is reduced by a factor 3 (PIZ) to 5 (LWZ) compared to standard structural steel in the critical zones.

AMLoCor leads to considerable savings in steel weight compared to the unprotected carbon steel piling solution, as soon as the predicted loss of steel thickness in the immersion zone is significant (higher than in EC 3‑5). Cathodic protection or coatings can be used to increase the service life of the sheet pile structure, but AMLoCor will in many cases yield the most cost-effective solution in the long-term when including maintenance and repair costs.

Note that AMLoCor is compatible with cathodic protection and coatings.

Steel grades of AMLoCor are covered by the German National Technical Approval Z‑30.10‑55 of the DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) issued in 2017, and a patent is pending.

The mechanical properties of AMLoCor are fully equivalent to standard piling grades, so that structural resistance can be determined according to all relevant design codes used for steel sheet piling structures, for instance EC 3‑5 in European countries.

Some AZ sections are already available in AMLoCor, ranging from AMLoCor Blue 320 to Blue 390 (yield strength of 320 MPa up to 390 MPa). Please check our website for regular updates on available sections.

An extensive driving test was performed in 2010 in Denmark. The same sheet pile profiles in S 355 GP and AMLoCor Blue 355 were driven into very hard soils containing some boulders. The sheets were monitored during driving, then pulled out and inspected. The test proved that the behaviour of AMLoCor sheet piles is equivalent to regular carbon steel sheet piles.

Please check our brochure 'AMLoCor®' for more detailed information.
Last modified: February 26, 2019
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