ArcelorMittal is committed to create high quality, sustainable steel for people all over the world. Corporate responsibility and responsible sourcing are part of the company's core values.

We continue investing in our production sites and in R&D to reduce the environmental impact of our products, and to fulfill all quite strict European regulations about emissions to air and soil.

We believe that the choice of a product should be based on sustainable criteria. Such criteria are not straight-forward, but architects and design engineers should add environmental and social criteria in the tender procedures. Public authorities can do it based on a European Directive, which was revised in 2014 (European Directive 2014/24/UE). Some European countries already use environmental and social criteria in their tenders. This is a good way to challenge the manufacturers to reduce their environmental footprint.

Circular economy will definitely lead to saving natural resources, and consequently to preserve our planet. Reuse and recycling can largely contribute to this achieve this noble objective.

However, sustainable criteria must be unbiased, and based on relevant technical facts validated by independent experts. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for a specific project, and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are some of the tools that can be used to compare different solutions and different products. The crucial question is which is the best method to take into account non-financial criteria? Can monetization, like it is done is some countries, be the solution? Or using weighting factors for each criteria? It is a controversial topic, but it is important to start promoting this new approach to cost-efficiency, taking into account the whole life-cycle of a structure, including dismantling and recycling.

For sure, at this stage, the initial investment required (intial cost) of a structure will most often be the main weighting factor, but why not reward the manufacturers who care about the future of our planet?

In this section, you will find more details about our commitment, and the advantages of using steel sheet piles in the infrastructure and other domains.
Last modified: October 27, 2021

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