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ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel company and the world’s largest manufacturer of hot rolled steel sheet piles. ArcelorMittal Sheet Piling is in charge of the sales, marketing and promotion of
  • hot rolled steel sheet piles produced in Belval (Luxembourg), Differdange (Luxembourg) and Dabrowa (Poland),
  • cold formed sheet piles produced in Messempré (France),
  • HP bearing piles produced in Belval (Luxembourg) and Differdange (Luxembourg),
  • steel tubes in Dintelmond (Netherlands).
ArcelorMittal’s piling series are especially suitable for building reliable structures rapidly and cost-effectively. They are characterised by excellent section modulus to weight ratios and high moments of inertia. Steel sheet piles are used worldwide for the construction of quays walls and breakwaters in harbours, locks, and for bank reinforcement on rivers and canals. Other applications are temporary cofferdams in land and in water, permanent bridge abutments, retaining walls for underpasses or underground car parks, impervious containment walls, etc.

ArcelorMittal Sheet Piling offers, in addition to the standard steel sheet piles, all the associated services that a customer might require such as:
  • customized solutions through the supply of junction and special piles, connectors, crimped and/or welded interlocks, anchoring systems, etc,
  • protection of the steel elements through different coatings, and even hot dip galvanized when required,
  • imperviousness improvement through sealants or welded interlocks,
  • technical assistance through the whole development of a project, from conception to execution, from our team of expert engineers,
  • tailored delivery planning, to ensure an efficient job-site,
  • job-site assistance during installation,
  • layout drawings and concept drawings of driving templates,
  • accessories such as driving caps for diesel hammers,
  • ...
Our Technical Department offers comprehensive services throughout the world with customised support to all the parties involved in the design, specification and installation of sheet and bearing piles, e.g. consulting engineers, architects, regional authorities, contractors, academics and their students.

Note: ArcelorMittal Belval is the world’s largest rolling mill of hot rolled steel sheet piles and has been playing a leading role in the development of piling technology for over 100 years. The first steel sheet piles were rolled in 1911 and 1912.
Last modified: October 31, 2022
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