Cold formed sections PAZ

PAZ sections are the most cost-effective type of cold formed steel sheet piles.

Their high width of up to 857 mm (single pile) reduces significantly the installation time at the job site. They are particularly well adapted for reinforcing dams and river or canal banks.

PAZ sections have elastic section modulus up to 2 500 cm3/m, with thicknesses varying from 5.0 up to 10.0 mm. They can be delivered as single or double piles, in two different forms, with or without handling holes. Double piles are usually delivered with the common interlocks partially welded at regular intervals.
Cold formed sheet pile section - PAZ
Note that PAZ sections can only be threaded with specific series of cold formed sections (different interlock shapes), and that the 10.0 mm thick sheets cannot be supplied at this moment in steel grades S 275 JRC and above.
Last modified: March 26, 2020
Metric units Imperial units

PAZ Sections

Section b h tf tw A Gsp Gw Iy Wel,y Sy Wpl,y
mm mm mm mm cm2/m kg/m kg/m2 cm4/m cm3/m cm3/m cm3/m
PAZ 44507252695. 240612350-
PAZ 44607252706.06.079.345.162.29 890730415-
PAZ 44707252717. 535846485-
PAZ 54608073516. 989968560-
PAZ 54708073527.07.098.962.677.619 7741 123655-
PAZ 54808073538.08.0112.771.488.422 5461 277745-
PAZ 55607434076.06.092.453.972.525 0741 233710-
PAZ 55707434087.07.0107.462.684.329 1791 432825-
PAZ 55807444098.08.0122.371.496.033 2631 628940-

b Width of a single pile
h Height
tf Thickness of flange
tw Thickness of web
A Cross sectional steel area
Gsp Mass per single pile
Gw Mass per m of wall
Iy Moment of inertia about the main neutral axis y-y
Wel,y Elastic section modulus
Sy Static moment
Wpl,y Plastic section modulus