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Steel sheet piles and combined walls supplied by ArcelorMittal Sheet Piling are produced in 5different facilities in Europe:
  • hot rolled steel sheets piles
    • Belval in Luxembourg
    • Differdange in Luxembourg
    • Dąbrowa Górnicza in Poland
  • cold formed steel sheet piles
    • Messempré in France
  • steel tubes for combined walls and foundation piles
    • Dintelmond in The Netherlands
ArcelorMittal’s hot rolled sheet piles are manufactured according to the European standard EN10248 - Part1 and 2.

Production facilities in Luxembourg

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg is one of the European top producers of long products such as beams, steel sheet piles and other special sections, which lead the path to the modern construction industry providing innovative steel solutions.

These construction products are produced in two steel plants located in Belval and Differdange. Both facilities produce 100%recycled steel using scrap as its main raw material. The scrap is melted in an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF), cast and shaped into beam-blanks in the steel mill, then stored before being reheated in the rolling mill's furnace, and finally hot rolled to its final shape.

ArcelorMittal Belval & Differdange is certified ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO 45001, ISO50001 and BES6001.

ArcelorMittal also produces rails, special sections and steel wire products in other facilities in Luxembourg.

Belval mill

The steel plant located in Belval is the world’s largest rolling mill of hot rolled steel sheet piles and has been playing a leading role in the development of piling technology for over 100years (formerly ARBED).

The Belval site consists of a steel shop with an electric arc furnace and a continuous caster. It has two specialised rolling mills, one dedicated exclusively to steel sheet piles (Mill2), and one dedicated to standard steel sections (TMB).

The first steel sheet piles that were rolled in 1911 and 1912 were the Ransome and Terre Rouge profiles. Since then, the available range produced in ArcelorMittal’s Mill2 has undergone a continuous improvement process that allows the production of the revolutionary AZ® sections (Z-type) up to 800mm (31.5") wide, as well as the current U-type sections with section widths up to 750mm (29.53").

Note that Mill2 in Belval is the only rolling mill in the world that has the knowledge and state-of-the-art technique to produce steel sheet piles in the more corrosion resistant AMLoCor® steel grade.

The series of hot rolled steel sheet piles manufactured in Belval are
  • Z-type: AZ-800 | AZ-750 | AZ-700 | AZ
  • U-type: AU | PU
  • straight web type: AS500

Differdange mill

The Differdange mill is composed of a steel shop with one electric arc furnace and a continuous caster, as well as one rolling mill, known as the Grey Rolling Mill. Differdange produces the HZ-M sheet piles, as well as heavy sections - including the Jumbo sections used in skyscrapers.

The Differdange mill holds several world records, including that for the first beam measuring one meter high (3.28ft high), the beam with the heaviest metric weight (1370kg/m) and the largest beam (1100x400mm).

The HZ-M® sections are the stiffest sheet piles in the world, the key element to build up the most competitive high section modulus combined wall systems. Their main applications are harbour construction and deep excavations all over the world.

Beams produced in the Grey Rolling Mill have been used for the most prestigious landmarks, including the Freedom Tower in New York (USA) and the World Financial Centre in Shanghai (China).

The series of hot rolled steel sheet piles manufactured in Differdange is
  • HZ-type: HZ-M

Production facilities in Poland

The Dąbrowa Górnicza site is a fully integrated plant with a long tradition and features 1blast furnace, 1steel shop, 1continuous casting and 2long products rolling mills. The heavy section mill is used to roll beams, channels, mining profiles, rails and sheet piles. The medium section mill is a continuous mill producing beams, angles and channels.

The mill is is certified ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO50001, as well as PN/N 18001.

Besides the rolling mill, the plant is equipped with a service centre for cold cutting, pairing and crimping, as well as equipped with a finishing area for welding, sealing and coating.

The series of hot rolled steel sheet piles manufactured in Dąbrowa Górnicza are
  • U-type: GU | GU-N

Production facilities in France

ArcelorMittal manufactures cold formed steel sheet piles in Messempré, a town located in the north-east of France.

The story of the Messempré mill goes back to the beginning of the XIXth century when Forges Boutmy was founded. The family De Wendel acquired the factory in1912 and started producing thin steel sheets. The industrial development lead to the cold-forming of steel sheet piles as early as1955.

The Messempré mill is currently the worldwide leader in terms of cold forming steel sheet piles with interlocks complying with the European standard. The company has been certified ISO9001 since 2004 and its products comply with European standard EN10249, Parts1 and 2.

The series of cold formed steel sheet piles manufactured in Messempré are
  • Z-type: PAZ
  • Omega type: PAL | PAU
  • Trench sheets: RC

Production facilities in The Netherlands

The spiral mill is located on its site in Dintelmond (The Netherlands). This mill is especially designed for the production of spirally welded pipes for foundation purposes.

Production is 100% controlled and certified with delivery of 3.1.certificates according EN10204-2004. Pipes can be produced with diameters up to 3000mm and wall thicknesses up to 25mm. The spiral mill can provide pipes in all requested steel grades due to its worldwide network of coil producers. Pipes can be produced with lengths up to 53m without circumferential weld. Longer tubes can be achieved by welding.

There is a coating facility present on the production site. Several specialized welding facilities are placed in line with the spiral mill for executing specific works like welding connectors or other steel parts, and making butt welds.

The series of steel tubes for foundations manufactured in Dintelmond are
  • spiral weld tubes: diameters 864– 2997mm, thicknesses up to 25mm
Last modified: July 12, 2021
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