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Think Steel First !

Building infrastructure projects with our innovative solutions and unmatched services facilitates the delivery of global goods right to your doorstep.

ArcelorMittal Steel Sheet Piling Solutions

Steel is essential to modern construction. Flexible, adaptable, strong, durable, reusable and entirely recyclable, steel is the material of choice for sustainable solutions in today's economy.

Choose ArcelorMittal steel sheet piling solutions and turn your ideas into reality. Our professional teams stand behind you to ensure the success of your projects, from start to finish. Our advanced and sustainable solutions take your projects further, with unmatched technical support, careful planning and certified quality.

Water Transport Solutions

Steel sheet piling solutions help building cost-effective and sustainable maritime infrastructures like quay walls, jetties, breakwaters, dolphins or inland waterways such as locks, canals,... They also contribute to the success of ambitious land reclamation projects.

TSF - Port of Ibiza | Spain | ArcelorMittal Steel Sheet Piles
Port of Ibiza | Spain

Hazard Protection Solutions

Steel sheet piles help preserving our communities from natural disasters, flooding and rising sea levels with dykes, dams, river embankments, flood protection barriers and tidal defences.

Requiring little equipment, they can be easily installed even in remote locations, with certified quality anywhere in the world. AZ®‑800, the widest sheet piles on the market, allow up to 14% shorter installation times than standard profiles.

Steel's natural ductility makes sheet piling the safest choice in seismic areas. The emerging performance-based design methodologies reveal the true potential of steel sheet piling solutions to withstand earthquakes.

TSF - Niederschönenfeld | Germany | ArcelorMittal Steel Sheet Piles | copyright D&K
Niederschönenfeld | Germany | © D&K

Mobility Infrastructure Solutions

Steel sheet piles allow less disruptive, more cost-effective and quicker mobility infrastructure constructions like road and railway bridge abutments, tunnels, underpasses, noise barriers, foundations, basements and underground car parks.

Projects are delivered faster, thanks to shorter installation times, saving costs. Silent and low-vibration installation techniques minimise impacts on the community in urban areas.

Building bridge abutments with steel sheet piles reduce the traffic disruption thanks to 10% faster construction time. They create up to 15% less economic impact on the community during the service life.

Underground car parks can use the steel sheet piles used for the excavation pit as the permanent outer walls.

TSF - Bike underpass Poland | ArcelorMittal Steel Sheet Piles
Bike underpass | Poland | © Tomasz Herud

Environmental Protection Solutions

Steel sheet piles are used on a temporary and permanent basis to build impervious, reusable and sustainable containment structures for water management projects, polluted soil remediation or landfill conversion…

ArcelorMittal's wide range of sealing systems ensure complete watertightness, even in the presence of highly aggressive chemicals.

AKILA® is an environment-friendly sealant suitable for use in contact with groundwater.

TSF - Horn | Austria | ArcelorMittal Steel Sheet Piles
Horn | Austria

5 reasons to think steel first

Fast execution - Projects with steel sheet piling solutions expedite execution, need less equipment and reduce impact on the environment.

Certified quality - Steel sheet piles allow for long-lasting structures with on-site integrity control and limited maintenance requirements.

Customised solution - Development of individualised steel solutions from an extensive range of products, accessories and bespoke fabrication.

Outstanding support - Throughout the project we support our clients with professional engineering, customisation, logistics and installation support.

Sustainability - ArcelorMittal sheet piles can be used multiple times. All sheet piles are 100% recyclable and made from recycled steel.
Last modified: December 10, 2020
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