Maritime Infrastructures

Have been built with steel sheet piles for almost hundred years, and can be designed [...]

Road and Rail Infrastructures

Tunnels, underpasses and bridge abutments with a service life up to 100 years can be [...]

Underground Car Parks

The most sustainable solution for 1 to 4 levels below ground: up to 2 times [...]

Inland Waterways Infrastructures

Quay walls & dolphins in inland harbours, protection of river & canal banks, flood protection [...]

Steel foundations

Steel piles, such as HP and tubes, have been used for ages to build foundations [...]

Environmental Protection

Preserving and protecting the environment: lower environmental impact, flood protection systems, recycling, re-use… The production [...]

Temporary Works

Steel sheet piles are the best option for temporary soil and water retention applications, with [...]

Case studies

Case studies from all over the world: short description of the project, a few pictures, [...]