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Software "HZM AZ Stresses"

Stress analysis for the HZ® / AZ® combined wall system, based on the 'allowable stress design' method.

It allows the user to easily select a solution based on the bending moments and chosen global safety factor on the steel stresses. The user can also prepare a basic material list for a straight retaining wall.

Additional feature: calculates the wall properties of any combination with a pair of AZ infill sheet pile, ranging from the latest AZ-800 range to the to standard AZ range.

Download here (beta version, database revised in November 2021).

  • values and results contained within the software are provided without warranty of any kind,
  • software can be installed on any computer running Microsoft® Windows®, however it might not work on all versions.
For further information, please contact our technical department.

Do also have a look at the brochure about the HZ-M/AZ system.
Last modified: November 26, 2021
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