RZ/RH Connectors

The hot rolled connectors RZD and RZU connect the intermediary AZ® sheet piles to the HZM® king piles to form a continuous wall.

RZD and RZU connectors have on one side a cavity that wraps perfectly around the flange of the HZ-M section with its groove, and on the other side, they are rolled with the same shape as the Larssen interlock of the AZ sections (same rolling tolerances).

The hot rolled connector RH is symmetrical and connects two HZ-M profiles together, in order to fabricate an HZ-M box-pile (solution 24 and 26), or to install a continuous wall built-up with HZ-M profiles exclusively (combination C1 and C23, which yield extremely high section modulus walls).

There are two families of connectors due to the range of thickness of the flanges of the HZ-M series.

Connectors are partially welded to the HZ-M on the mill’s premises. The thickness and length of the welds depend on soil conditions and project specific factors. Typically, connectors are welded over a minimum of 10% of the length, with a reinforced weld of 500 mm (19.7") at the top and tip. Connectors are welded with a short recess from the theoretical top position of the AZ infill sheets to ease the threading of the AZ on the job-site.

In case of high watertightness requirements, a solution consists in seal-welding the connectors to the HZ-M in combination with a sealing system applied to the Larssen interlocks.

Connectors are usually as long as the AZ intermediary sheet piles, which are generally between 60% and 80% of the length of the HZ-M.

For more details, see our brochure “The HZ®-M steel wall system”.

Table: Suitable connectors for HZ-M sections
RH 16 HZ 880M (A, B, C), HZ 1080M (A, B, C, D),  HZ 1180M (A, B)
RZD 16 HZ 880M (A, B, C), HZ 1080M (A, B, C, D),  HZ 1180M (A, B)
RZU 16 HZ 880M (A, B, C), HZ 1080M (A, B, C, D),  HZ 1180M (A, B)
RH 20 HZ 1180M (C, D)
RZD 18 HZ 1180M (C, D)
RZU 18 HZ 1180M (C, D)
Last modified: May 22, 2019
Metric units Imperial units


RH 16
RZD 16
RZU 16
RH 20
RZD 18
RZU 18
Section Dimensions RZ/RH set
h h1 b tmax t s r It Iw A Gsp Iy Wel,y AL
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm cm4 103 cm6 cm2 kg/m cm4 cm3 m2/m
RH 1661.8-68.2--12.2---20.115.88325--
RZD 1661.8-80.5------20.716.25718--
RZU 1661.8-80.5------20.416.06818--
RH 2067.3-79.2--14.2---25.219.812233--
RZD 1867.3-85.0------23.018.07822--
RZU 1867.3-85.0------22.617.89222--

h Heigh of the profile
b Width of the profile
s Thickness of the web
A Cross sectional steel area
Gsp Mass
Iy Moment of inertia
Wel,y Elastic section modulus
AL Coating area
The HZ-M Steel Wall System - 2014