U jagged walls

A specific arrangement of U-type steel sheet piles forms a jagged wall. It offers an alternative to a combined wall system where high moment of inertia and section modulus are required.

U Jagged Wall with Omega 18 connector | ArcelorMittal
U Jagged Wall with Omega 18 connector

The geometrical values shown in the table assume an efficient solidarisation of each driving element, i.e. crimping or (partial) welding of the common interlock of a double pile. The OMEGA 18 corner section is threaded and welded at the mill, either by tack welding, in which case it does not contribute to the section properties of the jagged wall, or by an appropriately designed weld, so that it fully contributes to the section properties.

Note that for supported walls, either with an anchorage or with a strut system, an adequately designed stiffening system (plates, concrete capping beam,...) must be provided at the support levels.

Due to the geometry of the wall, a special guiding frame, which shall be stiff enough, is required for the installation.
Last modified: January 16, 2019