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Production Range

ArcelorMittal manufactures a complete range of steel products for foundations: steel sheet piles, HZ-M/AZ combined walls, tie-rods, accessories, ...
Last modified: April 3, 2020

AZ® sections

AZ sheet piles are perfect for permanent retaining walls: versatile, extra-wide, high section...

U-type sections

Millions of tonnes of U-shaped sheet piles have been used all over the world for [...]

AS 500®

Used to form cylindrical or diaphragm cells for very deep structures: dry-docks, permanent quay...

HZ®-M system

Extremely resistant combined wall system built with an HZ®-M king pile and AZ infill sheet...

Combined walls

Special arrangements with large bending resistance, built up with HZ-M, steel tubes or box...

Box piles

Welded box piles are fabricated from conventional hot rolled sheet piles. They are formed from...

Jagged walls

Special arrangement of Z-type or U-type sheet piles for specific applications: sealing screens...

HP Piles

HP steel bearing piles are used all over the world for the deep foundations of [...]

Steel tubes

Tubular piles can be the main retaining elements of a combined wall, and similarly to [...]

Anchors / struts

Our one-stop package can include tie-rods, walers and any other accessory required for the...

Cold Formed

Produced in the PALFROID mill, available in 3 – 10 mm thickness, PAZ, PAL & [...]

Old sheet pile sections

Looking for technical data about old sheet pile sections produced in the last decades?