Cold formed steel sheet piles

ArcelorMittal produces its cold formed steel sheet piles sections in Messempré, a French mill founded in the beginning of the nineteenth century in northern France. ArcelorMittal is the European leader in cold formed steel sheet piling.

Cold formed steel sheet piles are cold formed from high quality steel coils that are formed in a continuous process into an Omega shape, a Z shape or any other desired shape.

The main difference compared to hot rolled sheet piles are
  • cold formed sections have the same thickness on the flange and on the web,
  • interlocks are looser and not as watertight as the Larssen interlocks,
  • lower yield strength,
  • classification of thin cold formed sheet piles according to EN 1993-5 yields mostly class 4 sections.


Cold formed steel sheet piles have been used for decades in permanent and temporary structures, like waterfront structures, dykes, river embankments, cofferdams.

Main applications are small retaining walls, temporary cofferdams requesting low watertightness, anchor walls of quay walls, reinforcement of dykes, river embankments, etc.

The installation is quite simple and fast, and can be performed with a reduced driving team, standard driving methods and driving equipment, such as impact hammers, vibratory hammers or hydraulic presses.

The cold formed range covers elastic section modulus from 100 to 2 470 cm3/m.

Main characteristic and properties

  • constant thickness over the whole section, from 3 mm up to 10 mm (depending on the section)
  • good ratio elastic section modulus / mass
  • large width, reducing handling and installation time
  • reduced depth (of some sections) for structures facing space limitations
  • angle deviation of the interlocks of 10°
  • shear force transfer on neutral axis is guaranteed
  • corner sections can be supplied with bent or fabricated sheet piles
  • PAL 32 and PAL 27 are well suited for reuse
  • can be coated or protected according to international standards (for instance EN ISO 12944)
  • supplied according to European standard EN 10249
  • steel grades available: S 235 JRC, S 275 JRC and S 355 J0C
  • watertightness can be enhanced with a sealing system (Beltan® Plus)
Note that due to the different interlock shapes cold formed sections can only be threaded with specific series of cold formed sections.

For more information check our brochure ”Cold formed steel sheet piles”.

Last modified: January 26, 2024

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