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JadeWeserPort | Wilhelmshaven | DE

HZ®-M king piles

The HZ®-M king piles are stiff wide flange beams, with a width of 420 mm or 460mm, a height up to 1 100 mm, and flange thicknesses up to 40mm, used in the HZ‑M/AZ combined wall system.

The key feature of this special sheet pile is the milled groove at the edge of the flanges that allows threading specific hot rolled connectors on it. The development of this range was made specifically to match the higer requirements of the deep sea quay wall for JadeWeserPort in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, back in 2008. The HZ‑M has been patented by ArcelorMittal.

Structurally, the HZ®-M king piles fulfill 2different functions
  • as retaining members, the king piles resist horizontal loads resulting from earth and water pressures,
  • as bearing piles, the king piles transfer high vertical loads from the superstructure, i.e. crane rails, building foundations, etc, to the ground.
The intermediate AZ® sheet piles have a closing function, retaining earth and water, but they transfer most of the loads to the king piles. Infill sheet piles shall be exclusively a pair of light AZ sections because they have sufficient flexibility to adapt to the driving tolerances of a combined wall system.

The HZ‑M and their connectors are available in high strength steel grades according to EN 10248, ASTM A572 and ASTM A690.

HZ-M Geometry - Sol 102 | ArcelorMittal | Steel sheet piles
HZ-M - Solution 102

  • HZ®, HZ-M® and HZ/AZ® are trademarks from ArcelorMittal
  • the milling process of the HZ-M profile has been patented by ArcelorMittal
Update February 2019 and January 2020: we modified slightly the radius r between the flange and the web of the profiles HZ 1080MA and above. It is now 30 mm instead of 35 mm. We updated all the values on our website, in the latest version of the HZ‑M brochure (2020), as well as the AutoCad files. This change has no noticeable impact on the resistance of the profiles, but might have one on the shape of the special T-connectors for tie-rods.

Update October 2019: the new HZ 630M profile completes the existing range of the already large HZ-M series. It was developed mainly for very hard driving conditions (installation in compact soils) and for structures with restrictions on the height of the system. It replaces the HZ 680M LT.

Update November 2021: the radius r of the HZ 880M range changed to 30 mm, consequently the section properties slightly changed. Please check the latest version of the HZ-M brochure (version 2022).
Last modified: November 25, 2021
Metric units Imperial units


(Sol. 102)
Dimensions RZ/RH set
h h1 w tmax tf tw r It Iw A Gsp Iy Wel,y AL
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm cm4 103 cm6 cm2 kg/m cm4 cm3 m2/m
HZ 630M631.4615.742029.024.216.030569.228 410308.6242.2217 4606 9852.87A
HZ 880M A831.3803.445829.018.913.030374.958 600296.6232.8357 2808 8003.43A
HZ 880M B831.3807.446029.020.915.030490.163 000328.9258.2392 7509 6253.43A
HZ 880M C831.3811.446029.022.915.030570.265 890343.4269.6416 77010 1703.43A
HZ 1080M A1 075.31 047.445429.019.616.030525.998 560368.7289.4690 56013 0753.88A
HZ 1080M B1 075.31 053.445429.022.616.030656.5106 800391.7307.5754 83014 2053.88A
HZ 1080M C1 075.31 059.445629.025.718.030876.2114 500433.7340.5833 25015 6053.88A
HZ 1080M D1 075.31 067.445730.629.719.0301 129.1121 000467.7367.2909 65016 9203.88A
HZ 1180M A1 075.4-45834.631.020.0301 352.9124 600494.9388.5967 27017 8653.88A
HZ 1180M B1 079.4-45836.633.020.0301 544.3132 400512.1402.01 017 00018 6753.89A
HZ 1180M C1 083.4-45938.635.021.0301 817.9142 600541.2424.91 081 07019 7903.90B
HZ 1180M D1 087.4-46040.637.022.0302 110.2150 000568.1445.91 138 63020 6903.92B

h Height of the profile (measured at the edge of the flange)
h1 Height of the profile (measured at the middle of the flange)
w Width of the profile
tmax Thickness of the flange (maximum)
tf Thickness of the flange (measured at w/4 from the edge)
tw Thickness of the web
r Radius at the intersection flange / web
It Torsional constant
Iw Warping constant
A Cross sectional steel area
Gsp Mass
Iy Moment of inertia
Wel,y Elastic section modulus
AL Coating area
RZ/RH set Set of connectors RZD/RZU/RH required (A or B)