ArcelorMittalEnArcelorMittal launches new initiative on solutions in sheet piles

ArcelorMittal launches new initiative on solutions in sheet piles

Munich, 28 January 2019 – Whether it be protecting people and land from flooding, or whether it be building bridges or quay walls to ensure smooth mobility and transportation: steel sheet piles from ArcelorMittal offer smart and efficient solutions - easy and fast to install, long-lasting and sustainable over the entire life cycle of the infrastructure. At Bauma 2019, the world’s leading construction machinery trade fair from 8 – 14 April in Munich, ArcelorMittal will launch its new initiative ArcelorMittal Solutions - Think steel first!, unveiling the true potential of steel sheet piling solutions to the construction business.

Steel is essential to the modern world. Strong, flexible, adaptable as well as fully reusable and recyclable, it does not only contribute to the circular economy, but it is the material of choice for sustainable construction solutions in today’s world.

Focused around 4 application domains, ArcelorMittal's unique sheet piling solutions offer exceptional benefits that help improve everyday life and ensure quick, cost-effective and environment friendly completion of the construction projects.

Water transport solutions
Building deep maritime infrastructure such as quay walls and breakwaters with ArcelorMittal unique steel sheet piling solutions, like the HZ®-M combined wall systems and the AS 500® circular cells, the life-time cost of the project can be drastically reduced. AMLoCor® corrosion-resistant steel grades reduce the effect of corrosion by a factor of up to 5 times, allowing for longer-lasting infrastructure. Made from fully recycled and recyclable steel, covered by an Environmental Product Declaration, steel sheet piles help reducing the environmental impact of the projects.

Hazard protection solutions
Dykes and flood protection barriers made from steel sheet piles are one of the most efficient ways to protect against flooding and rising sea levels. Requiring little equipment, sheet piles can be easily installed even in remote locations, with particularly short installation times thanks to AZ®-800, the widest sheet piles on the market.

ArcelorMittal’s engineering and R&D teams continuously develop software and design methodologies with research institutions and consultantsThey help designing steel sheet piling structures as well as simulating the effects of earthquakes and fire, respectively.

Mobility infrastructure solutions
Steel sheet piles are an excellent option for building bridges, underpasses, underground car parks, foundations, retaining walls or noise barriers.

Short installation times and efficient vibration-less installation techniques help delivering projects faster, saving costs and minimising the impact on the community. For example, building permanent bridge abutments with steel sheet piles significantly reduces the traffic disturbance and achieves up to 15% cost savings over the entire lifetime of the structure. The connection between concrete and steel can be designed with VLoad software. Building Information Models (BIM) digital files are available for ArcelorMittal sheet piles.

Environmental protection solutions
When faced with pollution, containment is vital. Steel sheet piles are used on a temporary and permanent basis in landfill deployment, soil remediation, riverbed cleaning operations or pollution containment. Impervious enclosures can be created to safely retain contaminated material and devise a remediation plan, thanks to ArcelorMittal‘s wide range of sealing solutions including AKILA®, an environmental-friendly sealant suitable for contact with drinking water.

Finally, ArcelorMittal offers customized solutions, tailored to the needs of their customers.

Outstanding support via technical teams, available around the world, underline the unique competitive edge of ArcelorMittal steel sheet piling solutions, leading to the conclusion: ArcelorMittal Solutions - Think Steel First!

Case studies for publication are available on the following topics:
Underground car park, Aalst
The steel sheet piles, which were first used to secure the excavation on the construction site, are now serving as the outer walls of the car park. This shows, how sheet piles can be used for multiple purposes, and be installed in complex configurations that fit into dense urban areas.

Port of Køge, Denmark
The port‘s extension doubled its size using AMLoCor® sheet piles. AMLoCor® is a corrosion resistant steel grade that ensures a long-lasting life span of maritime infrastructures.

Flood defence, Littlehampton
The HZ®-M combined wall system was the most cost-effective and technically the soundest solution to improve the tidal flood defences in Littlehampton, on the South Coast of England.
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