ArcelorMittalEnCase study – Boston Barrier Flood Defence Scheme, Boston, UK

Case study – Boston Barrier Flood Defence Scheme, Boston, UK

Protecting 14,000 properties from recurring floods events.

Boston is a small town in the North East coast of the UK with an estimated population of 69,500 people. Over the years, Boston suffered many flooding events, which adversely impacted its economy. One of the most severe floods happened in December 2013. A 5.2 m tidal surge overflowed approximately 20 km of Boston’s flood defences, affecting more than 800 homes and businesses; at least 200 residents had to evacuate their homes.

The Environment Agency, in collaboration with local authorities, developed the Boston Barrier Flood Defence Scheme to protect the community and more than 14,000 properties. It consists of a steel gate to control the water flow at the Port of Boston, a fish pass for sea creatures to enter and leave easily, and a flood wall to protect the people of the city.

Approved in 2008, the £100 million Boston Barrier project was funded by the Government Flood Defence Grant in Aid, of which £75 million was awarded to the joint venture Bam Nuttall and Mott MacDonald (BMMJV) for the “design and build” contract. They designed for 14 km of steel sheet pile wall barrier, for which about 6,000 t of HZ® and AZ® sheet piles were supplied by ArcelorMittal. Steel sheet piles was both the initial and final solution for this barrier project, designed for an estimated flood level of +5.5 m.
ArcelorMittal delivered the first piles in November 2017 and the barrier was completed in December 2019; an impressive completion timeframe, considering the many challenges that the team faced. The full completion of the project is expected to be in the year 2021.

Find out more details on the HZ/AZ steel sheet piling solution and the installation technique in the complete case study.
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Date publish: November 10, 2020
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